Vivacity and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Vivacity Vivacious Stupendous Spirits high Defy thy sky More than I For the lively Live freely Lift oneself Be thyself No matter what city Or residence Where one resides For the world Is the home of all Ritual Sunrise sunset Sunrise sunset Cyclical cycle Begin again And again Darkness giving way … Continue reading Vivacity and Other Poems

The Dragon

By John Page The cave shakes The dragon wakes Into the sky it flies Tomorrow someone shall die The dragon seeks it’s foe Where it is, it does not know In it’s heart is a burning need To avenge a most foul deed The sky races by as the dragon looks It will get back … Continue reading The Dragon

World Away and Other Poems

By Allison Grayhurst World Away World away of hollows where light escapes, gets through, flourishes in the sluggish dream of humans. World of many layers – up to pure communion and down with the languishing un-animal beasts. Rivers that flow and merge, travel down. Oceans rise up, their surfaces new, surfaces discovered – air, sometimes … Continue reading World Away and Other Poems

Timely and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Timely Throughout the course of timeTimeless masterpieces continue to endureBecause of creative creationsThat suggest that hearts can be pureIf artists attempt artistryBecause even though everything has faultsIt is the treasure found deep within the soulThat can connect the heart and mindTo establish a sense of being wholeWhile acknowledging the ones who … Continue reading Timely and Other Poems