The Untranslatable: Yūgen

By Thomas Page The Untranslatable This is a series of poems of words that do not directly translate into English. I have tried to capture the essence of the word in a poem.   The clouds sit above landscapes embroidered with lace Of perennials That may never lie In the waters of the Lethe. The … Continue reading The Untranslatable: Yūgen


“The Would-Be Hibernatory Blues”

By Ian Copestick   It's dusk, a freezing, misty Winter"s evening. Snow in the Air, and remnants of it on the Ground, here and there, where The sun in the short daytime Hasn't reached. The daylight Lasts less than eight hours Before surrendering to Darkness once again. The Earth and the air feel tired, Waiting … Continue reading “The Would-Be Hibernatory Blues”

“Martial Telepathy”

By Leah Mueller   We’re all hackers, going where we have no business, other people’s brainstems and secret inboxes. Medieval peasants believed you could kill someone, just by                                             cursing him, invoke the supernatural, then drop a barrage of psychic missiles. Connected by a superhighway of gray matter, light years faster than pixels, your brain … Continue reading “Martial Telepathy”