By: John Page

The fourteen ages

As record in the ancient sagas of the Eltic people and written down in the book of history.
In the beginning all of creation was one. After the Father wrought creation He put the Angels to rule the world of seventy three with the chaos, the dream and the shadow supporting it. The Angels guarded and shaped the world for untold millennia until the war in Heaven led to the Father breaking creation into seventy three universes with the river of His grace connecting them and the fallen condemned to the darkest chaos. The Angels who prove their loyalty ascend to the highest heaven of the Father. The worlds cool and are without land. So ends the first age with perfection lost.

The Angels leave the world to the care of the Mettilca, beings of metal and magic. The rule from the cloud cities and raise the land on each world though as time pasts the uniformity of the worlds break as the Mettilca seek to make each world unique. The dream world and shadow separate from the others. The towers of magic are built on each world. Magic grows wild and shades of power swarm the worlds and destroy billions of the Mettilca. The survivors weave a great spell to banish the shadows. Two worlds nearly die in the war. The Mettilca fade from the world and elements are born and spread over each world. So ends the second age with the emergence of wild magic.
The worlds grow different from each other. The elementals shape the landmasses and the worlds grow into primeval gardens, the world grows until the elementals grow arrogant and delve too deep into magic. Magic consumes serval worlds and horrors are formed. The horrors take over all the worlds of the great ocean. The third ages ends with mutation and slavery
The horrors rule the multiverse and force the elementals into bodies of matter and create elaborate tunnels beneath the worlds. The dark moon is created to keep the worlds connected. The Father sees this and sends power to the elementals for their freedom. With this power the elementals rebel in great wars over thousands of years and are victorious except in the worlds of the madness where the horrors rule to this day. With raw magic and rage ends the fourth age.

With the Farie’s dawn almost every world lays in ruins. The elementals transform into the Farie and become mortal in a fashion. Over dozens of generations the Farie restore the worlds to the gardens they once were but with greater variety of plants, the first animals appear at this time. Many wonders of nature are made at this time. A madness emerges from hell and drives countless Farie to destroy at least three of the worlds and wipeout their society everywhere in the screaming of the howling. With the howls of madness the worlds are brought low, so ends the fifth age.
The universe lays nearly dead but the Father gives the small beasts of the water new power and they evolve into greater beings known to us as the Abyss lords. The abyss lords rule the sixth age with a gentle touch. This age is one of change, no one life form is stable. Evolution is sent into overdrive to bring life into a new order. Intelligence grows and great cities of the abyss appear. Society is as stable as every evolving bodies are not. That is until the howling returns. It kills billions until the seers of the world of Undrasat sing a song that ends the scream of hell with a choir of love. It is heard even today and it is known to sailors everywhere, it is the song of the waves. They close their world off from all others and none know their fate. For the rest of the worlds the remaining lords of the abyss force themselves into greater bodies and move to the land in part to escape the reminders of what have been lost. With weary bodies and hope the sixth age gives way to the seventh
The seventh age sees a general rise in temperature throughout the multi verse. The earliest of the scaled races grow during this time and great empires spread over all most all of the worlds. Still the greatest lays in Mundus, the Hex’tocol. They forge gates that link the multiverse are the first to make items that hold magic and use tools instead of Father given powers. Still all of the dragon, Sarus, Naga and Shellback empires fall when divisions within their societies lead some to uncage the demons in quests for power. Great wars are fight and the demons taken over. The scaled ones seem doomed to die as slaves to hell as their armies are cut down in the millions. Yet when all hope for the scales ones seems lost the Angels return and drive the demons back to hell. The angels and scaled ones reclaim many worlds that were lost to earlier cataclysm (such as Sargulic). With the order of life restored the Angels depart. The survivors of the scales ones worship their saviors and religion as mortals understand starts. The scaled ones get a second chance and prosper for thousands of years until a resurgence of the demon cults and a great drought led to countless deaths. With vile cults and thirst the seventh age died

The eighth age grew from death. As most of scaled empires dried up, the insect people grew powerful. They drove the remaining scaled empires to the edges of the worlds and founded an empire that spanned almost all of the great river, it was called Chul. The empire was mighty and expanded the tunnels of the horrors, the portals of the scaled ones and explored as much of creation as possible. They grew arrogant and tried to wipe out all other life to please the demon ones. For this a greater chill then any had known comes and brings low the Chul empire. The frozen eighth age becomes the ninth age

The ninth age sees the rise of the beast men. They are divided into hundreds of species, dozens of faiths, and thousands of kingdoms. They advance technology to a level never before seen but replace the Father with pride. The science lords of the beast men had left their society rest on arrogance and ignorance of the needs of others. For this each world shook with furry and was brought to collapse. The beast men could only weep as the Father brought down the silver and golden towers crashing back to the ground. With falling cities and bitter tears the ninth age ends.

The tenth age was of the grey folk. They surged over each world from the grey worlds. They eventually lost touch with each other and grow stagnant. All is at peace till a priest of Wan’bo learns the secrets of life and death. While his first empire dies in the fires of the flame Giants, his teachings spread to each worlds and all suffer from undeath and are all overthrown by Giants. While the Giants grow in power another race becomes it’s true master. With endless death and revolt the tenth age ended.
The eleventh age was a meek age. Small and peaceful beings build small societies that seem humble to the other ages but are peaceful and prosperous. The Giants live in the wild while the small folk build a perfect society free from want. This time of peace is ended as wild beast attack all over the multiverse. The small ones create great protections and hide from the wider world. The peaceful eleventh age goes into anarchy and hidden shelters.

The twelfth age is one of war. The giant warrior tribes reunite and drive off the monster hordes. They forge kingdoms and empires. They rebuild the monuments of the other ages and raise their own. Still like the others the time of the giants ended. They fall from a mixture of slave revolts, resurgence of the howling and uncontrolled magic. With dozens of problems the Giants from grace and back into barbarism.

The thirteen age emerges from the ruins of the last. Yawi, Tallern and men grow to dominate the multiverse. The Yawi use the powers of raw magic to raise the earliest monuments, the Tallern embrace the dream and the shadow to became greater then others while men remain true to themselves and grow greater then the others. When evil threatens to end the river the Son comes to the multiverse and brings a new order. Great empires have grown strong and honor the Father. They have grown mighty but the age is not over. Our ultimate fate is unknown

The Fourteenth age has yet to happen. It will happen when the current age falls. The Father will remake the multiverse into what it was in the beginning and shall be again. The cycle shall be complete and all souls shall reap their reward.

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