The Rosary”

Follow my lead
And count to ten
Counting each bead

Praying, and then
We get to Hail
Mary in the den

Hoping our mail
Gets there on time
Wishing our sail

Turns on a dime
“Ave Maria”
Rings with a chime

“Gratia Plena”
Children tune out
“Sancta Maria”

Some start to pout
“Hora mortis”
Others start to doubt

Shouting “ventris”
“Pro nobis” they
Pray, hum “nobis”

They end, to pray
The same words nine
More times, some sway

In such a line
They start to feel
So very sublime

Prayers may conceal
All that we bear
But with their zeal

The furor in their
Hearts for the Lord
Their trust in care

Found in his word
And even concede
All that is heard




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