By Thomas Page

Now, I want to make sure I understand what you have said to me. You said, “You have only one sentence to convince me to let you through the gate.” Does this count as a sentence or do you signal to me when my only sentence is done or do you just let me ramble on and on until you make an assessment?

Oh, you’ll tell me?


Here it goes:

I’m really an average person who doesn’t try to do wrong in his life because I’m just someone who occasionally veers towards bad things because it’s the flesh which causes me to try to seek solace in the type of things which cause so much pleasure and happiness in life that we aren’t sure is followed by another one because, really, who can know if there’s an afterlife because it’s not something you can test or prove because we humans are visual beings who require something visible or tangible or audible or tasteful to really understand why things happen so that is why I’m more geared towards sugar or caffeine or vi… but that doesn’t matter because what’s truly important is that there’s a misunderstanding as to why there’s an asterisk by my name in your book because how it all ended was a mistake due to some hard feelings between a couple of guys and me and it ended horribly, but I didn’t mean to cause a Valentine’s Day Massacre type of event because it just happened that way and you know how guys are and I’m sorry.

So, can I get through, Mr… is it Peter, Mr. Fisher, or Mr. Pope?


Well, damn.

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