By: Nalini Priyadarshni  
Every now and then 
we run out of words
mostly after we have poured our hearts
choking on what we would rather not say
because it won’t change a thing

In moments like these 
when our hearts tether at the brink
of imploding, we pant and wait
for the feeling to pass
it always does
and we discover roots of our hearts intertwining tighter 
piercing deeper into our being 

Silence becomes eloquent 
and words superfluous 
we lean into each other’s light 
and rest against other’s darkest shadow
in a tumultuous world plagued by uncertainties
reticence becomes our refuge 
we know then, we have reached home
Author Info- Nalini Priyadarshni is the author of Doppelganger in My House and co author of Lines Across Oceans.  Her poems and short fiction have appeared in numerous literary journals, podcasts and international anthologies including Mad Swirl, Camel Saloon, Dukool, In-flight Magazine, Poetry Breakfast, The Open Road Review, Your One Phone Call,  and Yellow Chair Review. She divides her time between raising two teenagers and teaching English language to high schoolers
Nalini Priyadarshni

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