By Rajnish Mishra

I had a dream, not a long time ago.

It’s not the kind that I have anymore.

In that dream I went back in time to a place

that’s not there anymore.

They were playing cricket there.

I was playing my own age.

So, I stood and watched them having all the fun.

There were walls and gates that told me where I was.

There were gates and walls that told me it was not the same place.

Some old walls, and one old gate cannot overwrite erasure

that many new walls and a gate that was not back then may effect.

So I stood there,

an outsider, unknown, unwanted, invisible,

I stood tentatively and watched the game from out of the boundary lines.

Now you smile at an unreliable narrator.

How can I recall such detailed lists? I smile too.

You have caught me alright.

Some details are false,

but the dream is true.

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