By Bernadette Perez 

The Holiday
Home with family and friends
Feast for kings
Time spent reminiscing
A day of thanks
You run out the door
Paper in hand
Adrenaline pumping

Saving 50-75%
Buyer incentives
Two for one
Be the first customer
Receive free rewards
Stand in line for hours
Hustle and bustle
First come
Get them while you can
Doors open on Thanksgiving day
This is a shame
Taking time away from the family
Mix and mingle despair
First came Black Friday
Cyber Monday
Thrifty Thursday
Now Thanksgiving Day !
I will not do it !
Toss those credit cards aside
I will have my fill of pumpkin pie

~Bernadette Perez 

A Poet possessing expression and creativity. In 1990 Bernadette received the Silver Poet Award from World of Poetry. Her work has appeared in The Wishing Well; Musings in 2010, Small Canyons Anthology in 2013, Poems 4 Peace in 2014. Fix and Free Anthology in 2015. She is the President of the New Mexico State Poetry Society and Member of Rio Grande Valencia Poets since 2005. 


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