Catalogues online are very
Hard because out-of-stock items
Disappear forever. Excuse
Me, I was trying to find that
Shirt in my size, now it’s gone for
Eternity. Eons upon
Eons I must live without that
Shirt—age of frustrated shopping.

“Form and Function”

Form and function in a poem serve
As a guide and game for both the
Poet and reader. “What do you
Use, Tommy?” I’m merely one of
Shakespeare’s Typewriter Monkeys on
Duty hoping to write the next
Hamlet or King Lear. Form, function
Have no role in my poetry.

“Birds on the Telephone Wire”

Birds on the telephone wire
Have an unbridled view of the
River and casino beneath
Them. They warble and chirp about
Quotidian matters of fowl
And feathers, where to find food and
Refuge and maybe unwieldy
Matters of their world, maybe not.

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