By Thomas Page


The parking lot is full of them—
Christmas Maenads—desperately
Trying to park their Subarus,
Fords, or whatever crossovers
Popular these days. I’m almost
Hit by them trying to reverse
Into a lucrative spot near
The Amish Market. Pure madness.

“Book Exchange”

This shouldn’t be as stressful as
It is. It’s just a book exchange.
Pick something. But it has to look
New, not something I found under
My bed when looking for the cat.
What about a classic like “Jane
Eyre” or “Frankenstein?” Or maybe
Something new like the “Cloud Atlas?”

“Alliterations Available”

I often misread things on signs
“Alterations Available”
Turns into “Alliterations
Available.” Is my eye or
My mind messing with my manner
Of perception? Can the spyglass
Ever be crystal-clear? sexton
Be accurate? Probably not.

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