This awesome piece was entered in our January Challenge 2018!

By Kelly-Marie Manning

They say just because you love someone doesn’t mean you are supposed to be with them. I mean, are you sure? How can it be true when someone like him exists? Years and years have passed. Years that I have spent loving him. Tell me how to stop, please. You’d think that after all he has done that it would be easy. I would stop if I knew how. Give me the formula. The recipe. Anything! I can’t remember who I was before him. I was just a kid. And maybe I should have told him. Just said the 3 words that I hid deep within my heart. Every day I wonder what more I could have done. I wish he could have told me. Because I would have done it. Whatever it took to keep him. To keep you. Because I’ve never had that kind of connection with anyone. And I’m scared that I may never ever find it again.

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