By James Diaz I asked you the name of this town we were slowly passing through like storm clouds that are holding out and the earth below waiting expectantly, open mouthed, greedy- for all that rain that won't come   didn't you see the sign you asked, no   then why don't we name it … Continue reading Driving

A Response to Francis Bacon’s “The Four Idols”

By Thomas Page Can science answer everything? Why does your phone keep deleting your notes? Ask science. Why do monarch butterflies migrate every year through California? Ask science. How do I cook ramen in less time? Ask science. Francis Bacon says in his essay “The Four Idols” that science is the true path to knowledge. … Continue reading A Response to Francis Bacon’s “The Four Idols”

“The St. John” and “Abandoned Barns”

By Thomas Page “The St. John” Cypress and Palm jut out of the Water in the St. John. Cows graze Along the flooded plains, eagles Roost in watercolored trees, fish Swim along side airboats whizzing O’er alligators torporing, Cranes, spoonbills, and other avians Float on ebbing lagoons now full. “Abandoned Barns” Abandoned barns sitting nearby … Continue reading “The St. John” and “Abandoned Barns”