Sleep II


by Feby Joseph

I knew…

Somehow –
Somehow, I knew.
that this slumber was an intermezzo of waiting.

Like the newest of leaves that stretch out to gold
Somehow, I knew –
That there was someone…
beyond the bend.

My repose wasn’t unpleasant –
It wasn’t a cage – yet I knew
there was more.
There had to be more than just this rêverie
Of obedience.

I didn’t know otherwise

I was content… Yet…
I knew that someone would be coming my way –
That colours would effuse my world.

How could I not have known?
I might have withered away otherwise….
Like the countless others… who never listened to the chimes.

You came to me like a sudden shower.
On a toasty afternoon –
Moistening the petals of drooping blossoms.
Caressing the greens back into yellowed leaves.

You blew in like a late afternoon breeze –
wandering about my house and gardens
Running your hands lovingly
Over broken, uneven walls and through tree manes.
Coaxing the silvery chime notes from dried leaves.

I knew.
I somehow… somewhere, in the deepest chambers of my heart
Where we swam together –
I knew.
I knew that someone was coming my way.

I just didn’t know, that it was going to be you.


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