By Jessica Ricks 


Most people are afraid

Of the unknown.

Anew relationship,

Visiting a new place,

Where you will go

at the end of your life.

Success is like death.


I see myself shrouded

In greatness.

Being well-known,

Full of happiness,

That admired person who

Can say “I made it.”


Success requires stepping

Away from comfort.

Going new places,

Talking to people,

Living life to the fullest and

Putting yourself at risk.

I can’t do that.


I could choose to live

A life of complacency.

Stay home,

Go to work,

Never be able to experience

Life beyond four walls.

But I want more.


I don’t care about fear for

Success is within reach.

I will try,

I will defy,

I won’t get anywhere if fear

Is an obstacle, besides,

Everyone must eventually die.

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