By Marc Carver

I walked down Congress
I wrote a poem at every bench I came to and left it there.
Must have been ten or so
I even left one in a bush
I can’t remember all the words
but I can remember the soul of them






As I lay in the garden naked
I see a flock of birds heading south
I think they are migrating for the winter
then I realize it is not winter.

Five seconds later
they come back the other way.
stupid birds are lost.

A bit like me.

You can fight the decisions you have to make
for only so long
and the harder they are
they longer they take to make
but in the end you have to make them
whatever the consequences and however much you miss them.



A young woman
came and sat by me
as I sat in the town centre staring out into space.
It made me feel better
less alone.
As time went on
she even moved down the seat
and got closer to me as she stared into her phone.
It made me feel warm inside.
I could smell her perfume and a little sweat too
but the sweat could have been mine.
She must have sat there for twenty minutes
before she got up to leave.
I almost thanked her when she left
what for I don’t know
making me feel better I suppose.



I want to build something
not anything you can own or have
nothing you can eat your dinner off
nothing you can wear and say
How fancy that is.
No I want to build something else
something you can feel
even a blind man will be able to touch it.
So I sit down and I search
I still don’t know what it is
or even what it will be
but still I look
and one day I really hope to find it.



I had a thought
so I walked into the apple store and went to notes
On the first machine I put
On the second I put
And on the third I put
Then I walked out
I thought about getting an aerosol can and doing it in the road
while everybody was asleep.

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