Parking Lot Puddle

By Alyssa Trivett You seep, loosely filing into paper pavement and bleeding clear ink. Filled cavity. Flossing into charred broken bottle puzzle piece corners, an art project sifting in a parking lot this hungover evening. Alyssa Trivett is a wandering soul from the Midwest. She chirps down coffee while scrawling lines on the back of gas … Continue reading Parking Lot Puddle

Poems by Ben Nardolilli

Reconciliation and Distribution Why the referencing? I don’t want to get a zero Why the problem with citation language? because I want a net settlement Why the affirmation? because I want to pull the schedule. Why consent to the distribution? it’s the only way to merge with the field Keenly Developed Moral Bankruptcy I play … Continue reading Poems by Ben Nardolilli

High School Contest Fiction Honorable Mentions

These three stories by Louis Rosenberg, Zaina Abdin, and Maddie Hudson are fantastic and deserve a major shout out. Chamber 452 Maddie Hudson Squeak. Squeak. Squeak. The left wheel underneath Arlo’s blanketed legs creaked with every rotation. The sound echoed off the sterile white panelled walls. Arlo coughed violently, then leaned back in his wheelchair, … Continue reading High School Contest Fiction Honorable Mentions