Things, Things

Yasmine Bryant

Meade Senior High School

Things, things, I’ve got things for days.

I’ve got white things, and black things,

And all the colors for things in between.

Things that make me happy,

Things that keep my warm memories safe.

And when things get a little tough,

There’s no need to worry.

I’ll buy more things,

To replace the old things that have faded away.

Things that make me happy.

Yes, I love those happy things.

And when I know I will soon be forced to say goodbye to someone I love,

I do my best to avoid the tears…

Why not buy things to fill up the memories of Us.

Yes, how I love Us,

How I love our little things.

But with all the things I have,

That We have- together,

I love the things we cannot buy.

The black memories and the white,

And all the things of Us in between.

Precious things,

Impeccable things,

Things that cannot be touched.

Those are the loveliest things to me.

The things of Us.



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