These fantastic poems were submitted by Traleia McCorkle, Faith Rhodes, and Yasmine Bryant and deserve a huge shout out.

Yours and Mine

Yasmine Bryant

Meade Senior High School

When the night falls

And the day is over

I come home to you.


When my nights

Get a little bit colder

I come a’runnin’ to you


That’s my baby

Can’t nobody take him from me.

Ouu, that’s my baby

Can’t nobody take him from me.


When the day

Gets a little rough…

And the night try

To do you harm…


You come a’runniin’

Oh! You a come a’runnin’

To me


Ouu! I’m his baby

Won’t let nobody take him from me

Hey, I’m his baby!

Won’t let nobody take me from him!

(Hey, Ouu, Ohh, Adlibs)


And if they take him from me…

I don’t know where to go.

I said,

If! They take him from me

I got nowhere to go!

Hey! Not my baby!

MMM, I gots nowhere to go.


Hmmmmmmmm, oh, yeeeeeaaaaaah!


Faith Rhodes

Oldfields School

Lush green hills sweeping through the land

I know best, while engulfed of the tall forest men. Navy paint

suppressing the fiery stars, whittling bit by bit into the sunset. Bees

burrow their heads into the dewey corners of the patio. Crickets

preaching their song like a Sunday choir, and little brown bats, dipping

their wings into the navy paint, with droplets trickling off the sandstone

edges; separating what’s nature and human.


In the morning, alarm clocks are the chirps of birds, while the warmth

from the sun immerses the land. Yet, the cold damp air leaves the

crave for touch. Walking through the rich green grass,

dew kicking up on my ankles, I’ve got my head in the clouds,

while waiting for the sun to rise.


The place where issues dissolve; Just breathe.

An exhale and I don’t wake up on a beach, but in my

mother’s hammock. A place where music cannot replace

the sound of the land’s soothing voice.

You are my safe spot, Wonderland.


Wonderland – a land or place full of wonderful things.

My Obligated Duty

Traleia McCorkle

Frederick Douglass High School

There was once a time-

A time when I was a good person.

Perfectly sane,

Even on days that rained.

I was okay

At least I thought I was

September the month I would change forever

2001, the shift

There was a war,

A revolution of some sort going on within my head.

I wrapped myself up in my thoughts

Logics swarming within my head

But no one knew.

No one knew except for me.

Brent Yuritopen is my name.


This day started as any other day.

The sun was shining

The grass was swaying

The wind blew a slight chill over my shoulders.

At 7:00 AM I got a call from her

She was calling to say goodbye

As she was on her way out the country on a business trip

But the way she hung up the phone was peculiar

“See you sometime soon,” she spoke.

“Goodbye Yuritopen”

Never did she call me by my last name,

Unless something bad was getting ready to happen

I hung up, staring at the wall.

What was about to happen this time?

It couldn’t be that bad, she was getting on a plane for goodness sake.

But, something in my gut didn’t feel right.

In no time, I was in my car, zooming down the highway to get to the airport.

I walked in, hopped over the gates and saw her curly auburn hair walking onto the boardwalk

Of the plane

Her medium sized stature and broad shoulders

I called her name

But she didn’t turn around

I called it again

But this time a little louder

She kept walking.

I ran toward the entrance,but the gate shut right before I could walk through

“Please tell me what is about to happen!” I banged on the door.

Sliding down ever softly, a tear slid out the corner of my eye

Something was about to happen

I walked over to the chairs and sat there until the plane took off.

I was frantic

I didn’t know what was going to happen

But soon something was going to change.

I looked to my left as a lady was screaming and pointing at the television

Her husband caught her as she was falling to her knees

Her body went limp

I looked to the television, turning slowly

And there, I saw an airplane resting in crumbles on the ground

I couldn’t make out the name of it

But when I said 617 it was then that my heart plummeted to my groin

And just then, I woke up

Sweat dripping down my face

Staining my pillows and drenching my comforter

My alarm sounded

I got out of bed, and as I reached for the remote I heard


My eyes opened wide

And there it was

The plane

The same plane I saw in my dream


Laying on the grass flipped over

Burned holes on the sides

Heads sticking out the window

I dropped to the ground

That was her plane

My love.

My everything

My beauty

My wife.


So today, I write this not justifying my actions.

But explaining a sorrow and sadness I can’t express

I will never be able to understand the rationale behind this action

But I have to do it,

She didn’t deserve to die on that plane.

And so now, I have decided to take it into my own hands

So as I stand in this airport, I apologize

I apologize to all the families that will be hurt

And for the millions of dollars that will have to be spent recreating this airport.

I am prepared for my consequences.

I stand by the Starbucks,

The same place my wife probably stood as she waited for her Caramel Frappuccino

Hours before she died.

I set the bag down

Finally, I couldn’t wait

It was heavy.

As I walked toward the Exit

I heard the small lingering sound of the distant ticking

I picked up the pace

Jogging to my car

Off I go.

I remember I’m doing this for my beloved.

My wife.

So as I drive down the highway,

Smoke flying from the airport, sirens following behind my car

I know there is nothing else I can do.

I take the verge off the highway and onto a dusty road.

I see the cliff in the distance.

160 miles

I press on the gas.

In no time,

I’ll be home my dear.

Just wait for me.


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