We went down to the sea
put mud all over us
and baked in the sun.
Some people had left some cut in half water bottles filled with mud
an old Scandinavian man came over to his family
who were covered in mud.
The little girl wanted to put some mud on him
but he shuck his head
and moved away.
I looked at the water bottle
and had a massive urge to grab it
and pour it all over his head
you never know one of these days.
I sat on the bench
finished totally  finished
I asked him to send me something
of course he did
knowing that I would fail
and of course he was right.
As a young man
I was always jealous
as an old man I have no jealousy at all
every chance a man gets he should take it
and forget about the consequences
the trouble is
the older you get
the less chances you get.
The young woman walks along the beach
as soon as she walks 5 steps
the sea washes them away
almost as if
she had never been there
They come from all around the world
get buckets
throw mud all over their bodies
then stare up at the sun like giant penguins watching a plane
you could almost think they are clay statues
or those bodies at Pompeii frozen in time.
I am tempted to get a hammer
and give them a little knock
see if they crack.
Across from our hotel
a woman lives with the biggest dog I have ever seen.
Every time I see him I shout down to him
hey porqito the woman probably thinks I am quite mad
she could be right

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