The Jump

By Ryan Quinn Flanagan   jump in a river jump because Van Halen said so   jump to conclusions because of a faulty leg from the war that makes the VA hospital look like the Sears Tower on crack   the way you limp through the front door and your wife tries not to look at … Continue reading The Jump

Mortar Dry

By Ryan Flanagan   the weather down here is a scapegoat   that cymbal you see is band leftovers   my raucous stuffed into an aluminum air vent with comparable local rag circulation   particle board fission taster   squint shadows under numbered doors   unruly marshland flooding over seven denarius hills   hold my … Continue reading Mortar Dry

Poems by J.J. Campbell

yet another bridge my poisoned mind has burned yet another bridge thankfully, i still know how to swim ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ in southern ohio dance naked in the rain in a river in southern ohio pay no attention to the thunder and lightning let the river carry you downstream spark a mystery that will wake a sleepy … Continue reading Poems by J.J. Campbell