By Antony King

The heat is alive

as the summer night looms

The whippoorwill sings

His repetitive tune

The moss on the oaks

sway gently on a breeze…

For it is summer in the south,

and a time… for tranquil ease.

The laughter of children

will sing through the air,

as friendships are made…

in the comfort of a chair.

The scent of magnolias

bring a sweet summer rue…

as love often blossoms

beneath a brightly lit moon.

A smile… a hand shake,

and a please come back soon…

concludes a wonderful evening

from a southerner’s view.

Antony King is a writer/ poet from Eastern Kentucky. Antony spent his formal years in Cleveland Ohio where he underwent private instruction in The Arts, Music, and Literature. His love of the classics guided him to poetry and fueled his passion for writing. After art school, Antony spent 23 years in the world of advertising, and design. He began honing his skills both as a writer, and an artist. Antony is a proud member of several poetry groups and has been published in SpillWord Press, PPPEzine, and Piker press to name a few. He has also had the honor to have his works read in the UK.

3 thoughts on “A Southerners View

  1. Very accurate in representing the south and how summer is there, I closed my eyes half way through reading this and immediately I was back home, could even smell the honeysuckle in the air. Well done.


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