By Lynn White

Will I find you shining still

among the sharp pinpoint stars

gleaming gold and silver?

Or shall I search the ocean

and find your spirit

buried down there

amongst the sand and pebbles?

Perhaps I should comb the beach

raking through it’s silver grains

and broken shells.

Only your restless soul could 

have washed up briefly there.

You never liked beaches with 

their sandwiches of sandy bites

and the boredom of sun seeking.

No you wouldn’t stay there.

I wouldn’t find you there.

You were always the deep one,

so maybe I should look deeper, 

deep into the blue black night

beyond the white milkiness

into the sweet soft starlight.

There would be a place

for your soul to hide

and I could join you

and rest a while,

a long while

with you



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