yet another bridge

my poisoned
mind has burned
yet another bridge


i still know how
to swim
in southern ohio

dance naked in the
rain in a river in
southern ohio

pay no attention
to the thunder
and lightning

let the river carry
you downstream

spark a mystery
that will wake
a sleepy old
town up to a
new century

when they find
your body in a
few weeks

the whispers
will turn to
a roar

perhaps then your
family will come
to understand

what pain really
from these constraints

the depressed
are unable to
even cry for help

it’s up to
the bleeding
hearts to pay
attention to

death is the
last door we
have to go
through to
finally be
free from

don’t think
of it as a
rise in the
rates of

think of it
as the herd
taking their
final steps
on the road
to actual
falling into an endless ocean

depression slowly
sinking in

you’ve been on this
road a thousand times

the love of your life
just can’t find the

and there you are
falling into an endless

you know how to swim
but you refuse

this is a cry for mercy

this is your final retreat

this is the white flag
that lasts for eternity

sharpen the knives
and buy another bottle
of something strong

the first cut is the most
painful, yet somehow

eventually, all of us
will learn the lesson

just not everyone has
enough angels to put
them back together
yet again
a cold wind in the month of July

it’s the soft skin
i see in my dreams

it’s that haunting
feeling knowing
i will never meet

eventually, the dreams
are nothing more than
nightmares that no
longer scare you

reality is every door
slamming shut

a cold wind in the
month of July

the darkening skies
of a lord that lost
all faith in you
years ago

desperation musters
up the courage to
say hello

no one bothers to
even notice

most deaths never
even make the paper

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