Gone But Not Forgotten

  By: Kelli J Gavin   She has asked me. Asked me to bring her with me. To bring her somewhere new. Somewhere important. Important and meaningful. Meaningful because I love it. Love it because of memories. Memories of days gone by. Gone by not forgotten. Never able to forget. Only able to cherish. Cherish … Continue reading Gone But Not Forgotten

Poems Rizwan Saleem

  The island of shattered dreams   The ebbs and flows Cold winter winds blow Across the oceanic world No land to see, nor harbors to call The loud silence of doomed souls Black gulls take to air Round and round they fly in evil circumambulations No sound through truculent clouds Of promised rain and … Continue reading Poems Rizwan Saleem

Summer Contest Honorable Mentions

"Days of the Dragonfly" by Feby Joseph, "Summertime" by Rie Sheridan Rose, and "Boardwalk, Estival Solstice" by Gary Glauber. Boardwalk, Estival Solstice   Gary Glauber Fragrant silence of lily of the valley’s luster caught in lambent light of dying sunset signals certitude of seasonal change. Summer arrives, all sullen vigor descending, eager to vent shirtless … Continue reading Summer Contest Honorable Mentions