Museum of Corpses

By Ahmad Al-khatat Inside museum of corpses there are dead refugees bodies who died ’cause they were not characters, but priceless, experiments That helped humankind, with plastic surgery, they test dangers And feature The weapons Of flesh and blood, crash test dummies, design body armour against the aliens from the spaceship and women, private body … Continue reading Museum of Corpses

The Experiment

By John Page I am awake. I’m in so much pain. Where am I? This isn’t my home. Let me out. Let me out. Let me out! It is dark. I’m suffocating in here. Why do I hurt so much? There is an odd smell. Wait, there is light. Loud sounds hurt. Glass breaks. I … Continue reading The Experiment


By Sunil Sharma   In a madhouse, the only sane are the insane the guys know/see things the normal are denied If there were no insane folks, how the world would measure its own diminishing sanity? The institutionalized soul was meditative: Why the mad politicians/terror-mongers outside?   Sunil Sharma is a college principal, freelance journalist, author and … Continue reading “Madhouse”