By Sunil Sharma


I will take you to where moon is

Or, other some such places where

You hear the Amazon singing at her tenor full.

The Niagara falling



like tumbling$


The ancient Nile being travelled by a young Cleopatra and Antony

And recorded by the Bard for the King’s Men, 1607.

I will take you to the spot where a sensitive Keats first heard

The nightingale and composed his immortal paean

To the humble bird, a source of inspiration for others.

Come with me; fly to the orbiting lands imagined/real/imagined.

It interlinks—

The creative imagination-language-context

Called Poesy, now poetry by the stiff purists insisting on

Colloquial speech and modern terminology.

Call it any name, dear poetry creates something new

And, joins us subtly

Both you and I

In these mental journeys!

Sunil Sharma is a college principal, freelance journalist, author and editor. Mumbai-based, he has published 19 books—solo and joint. His prose and poetry have appeared in many places in the world.

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