By Sunil Sharma


Even in your long absence—

I hear daily your musical voice!

The multi-coloured jingle of the bangles

And the silver anklets

Your laughter lingers

On summer nights.

I smell the perfume you wear

To your work daily.

As I drift finally

Into the land of beautiful gentle sleep

After a long day’s hard work

Pounding the keys

Of the computer board

In a little cubicle

In an impersonal office

I see you gently rise by my side, smiling sweetly

The way you have done all your life.

In love, a part is left, I sense you around

Like a bunch of the scented Raatrani flowers

Blooming in the garden below

The fragrance irrigating my inner voids.

A solitary star in a lonely vault, me

Orbiting alone.

When I get afraid or down in dumps, I see again—

Your angelic smile

And dancing doe-eyes that follow me unseen

You are my Muse that lives within.


Sunil Sharma is a college principal, freelance journalist, author and editor. Mumbai-based, he has published 19 books—solo and joint. His prose and poetry have appeared in many places in the world.

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