By John Page

I am awake. I’m in so much pain. Where am I? This isn’t my home.

Let me out. Let me out. Let me out!

It is dark. I’m suffocating in here. Why do I hurt so much? There is an odd smell.

Wait, there is light. Loud sounds hurt. Glass breaks. I fall.

The ground is hard. The surface is metal. Green gas fills the air. I run without a plan.

All around are brights lights and loud sounds.

Men with guns start shooting. I run the other way.

One has trapped me against a wall. I panic. I try to push him away.

O God. I didn’t mean to do that. I killed him. There is so much blood.

Wait…. what’s wrong with my hand? What did they do to me?

Before I can think, more men come up. They try to fire at me so I run. I rush into a cloud of green gas.

I run for a long time. I hear the sounds of monsters in other rooms. They are killing and being killed.

I reach an intersection. Men with guns and monsters fight each other. The blood and gore makes me sick. I see men in white coats laying down on the ground.

I sneak passed them and find a tunnel. I run for a long time. I reach a light.

I enter the light. I am outside. I see my city.

Something is wrong. Why is it covered in green gas? What did they do?!

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