“Write While It’s Quiet”

By John Dorroh   She told me to write while it’s quiet, while the dogs are on the deck sunning in a dangerous summer sun, while the earth movers are not chewing up the ridge across the road, while the neighborhood kids are stuck at school, while the jackhammers are in the backs of workers’ … Continue reading “Write While It’s Quiet”

Without A Mouth

By Ahmad Al-khatat I asked my parents why the moon and sun exist without a mouth, and live with grief in their eyes my father said because mankind lies to each other every day, below the sincere sunshine then my mother said because mankind betrays To each other quickly and shamelessly under the moonlight today, … Continue reading Without A Mouth

A Keyboard As Hot As A Smocking Barrel

By Mendes Biondo I’ve got to write an article about a banner affixed against the wall of a library something against mobsters and indifference something for those who believe culture could kill professionals with smoking guns or lawyers accountants notaries corrupt   I’ve got to write that piece but I can feel my stomach aching … Continue reading A Keyboard As Hot As A Smocking Barrel