By David Chukwudi Njoku

Fight it,
Stop it,
Let it out,
Don’t give in
to its thoughts,
is a killer of destiny,
don’t allow hold water,
no matter its package,
it can give you eternal joy
only but a short time relief.

Stop it,
how dare you!
TRAMADOL, is a death trap
filled with ephemerals,
no good in it,
Stop it,
drain its thoughts out,
fight it,
embrace counsel
and see the bright side
in loving yourself,
don’t give in to peer pressure,
stay clear from that friend,
brother, associates even sister,
they can’t get it to work.

Open your heart
to God’s manual,
seek help from loved ones,
don’t keep it to yourself,
refuse loneliness,
it gives birth to hopelessness
and buries you into confusion.

Stop it,
Fight it,
embrace love
and patience to
work it out.


September 17, 2018
David Chukwudi Njoku

David Chukwudi Njoku is a growing poet/writer, songwriter and faith preacher. He resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

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