By David Chukwudi Njoku

Trailing a part of immoral life
In the midst of morality-
Always justifying her actions with impunity.

Confessing negative to each seed sown unto the Lord,
Little wonder the gates of marriage is still indecisive.

Her sterling qualities in leadership is now failure,
Always in pain when rebuked.
She now rubs mind with idiots to excel,
Favouritism is her nature…
A bold lioness she is,
But lack purity of manner to lead.

Junk is the nature of her meal,
Who will engage a “junker” in a true marriage?
Imageries of sex is still lurking around,
Any persons can feature in.
Her dreams seem to be fading…

She refuses correction
Enjoys praise ovation,
Who shall salvage her from arrogancy?

All Rights Reserved
0ct 7, 16
Reviewed Today(10/3/18)
David Chukwudi Njoku


David Chukwudi Njoku is a growing poet/writer, songwriter and faith preacher. He resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

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