written by: Amirah Al Wassif


for those who don’t know the chocolate

the children of poverty

and the sleepers in the corners of the ancient streets

for those who survived from the famine but still hungry

for those boys who never dream

cause they never sleep

for those who don’t know the chocolate

and heard more news about its sweet

the people with half soul

and lack food and the imaginary house


for those who crawled on the sharp platforms in the mid-night of every day

seeking for the warmth living

for those babies who never taste the milk

with wide eyes looking for any help

for the hands of charity

and the sensitive hearts which cry and bleed

for those who gathered in the torn tents around the world

waiting from a long time

for those who don’t know the chocolate

and haven’t the ability to imagine it


the innocent faces washed under the rain

the seekers for the smell of humanity in each alley, place, and content

for those who kiss the sun through their contemplate glances

for those who write with heavy heart and smashed dreams

the climbers of the existence shoulder

looking for the justice face


for the dancers with bare feet on the top of Everest

who do their best to bring the joy and the peace

for the sun of tolerance which touching our bones

for the bloom of the flowers

and the skies gloom


for those who never taste the chocolate

but they still hearing about its magic

the crawlers on the earth with a great desire

to make the difference between the past and the future


for those who draw on the sand

with belief in the friendship with the waves of the sea

for the killed persons in every battle

for the injured soldiers in every war

for those women who haven’t the right to vote


for the fishermen in their ships

for the highest star in our sky

and for the rainbow

for those people with disabilities

and for those players with the wool ball

for the little boys who sell the water

for the little girls who feed the roosters


for the nations which suffer from dry

for the victims of racism

for the dead from the terrorism


i write these poems for those

who don’t know the chocolate


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