After the Snow Has Fallen

By Thomas Page Snowbanks beleaguer the dusty highways Days after heavy clouds poured frozen rain Lain in the form of snowflakes so slowly, Holy like the prayers, falling straight down on Yon hibernating trees in my backyard— Graveyard of a sleeping nature there Where it will resurrect like a phoenix; Scenics of the Dutch Masters … Continue reading After the Snow Has Fallen

The Untranslatable: Tsundoku

By Thomas Page The Untranslatable This is a series of poems of words that do not directly translate into English. I have tried to capture the essence of the word in a poem.   A paper menagerie bound in colors Without a definite name in crayon Sits idly with many universes Numerous as neurons Unknown … Continue reading The Untranslatable: Tsundoku

“The Missing and/or Stolen Inflatable Colon Has Been Found!”

By John Dorroh   The Kansas City, Kansas, Health System is making plans to celebrate the long-lost inflatable colon, which has now been found inside a house on Virginia Street. October 23, 2018 1. The giant inflatable colon has been found right down the street as I drink coffee and pour myself a bowl of … Continue reading “The Missing and/or Stolen Inflatable Colon Has Been Found!”