By Linda Imbler

Fruit or dairy
which is your preferred?
Why cant I have both,
or better yet mix them together
for that sweet creamsicley goodness.
One or the other must show superiority?
Really? And what’s the prize?
Day and night come together
to create twilight and dawn,
allowing us to embrace these most romantic times of day,
these moments that express the greatest beauty of the sky
and express what most gratifies.
We go both in and out of doors.
The only difference is the side the knob is on.
Doors allow passage back and forth
so are meant for everybody.
There’s not one select knob for the left
nor one with higher prestige for the right.
Isn’t that who we are trying to include in the world?
Then why a boon for only this or that?
I prefer a winning creamsicley world,
thank you very much.

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