By Jake Cosmos Aller


The Humboldt Glacier, located high in the Andes mountain range in Venezuela, is the country’s last glacier. Glaciers are disappearing around the world due to climate change, which has also been a factor in declines and extinctions of animal species elsewhere. This month saw the death of George, the last snail of the Hawaiian species Achatinella apexfulva, named after Lonesome George who died in 2012, the last of the Galápagos tortoises. Write a poem about an object that is the last of its kind to ever exist, either in reality or hypothetically. How is the disappearance of your chosen subject significant in its own way? 


The end of humanity’s reign

Of supremacy on earth

Came about with the death

Of the last bee on earth

Scientists had been warning the world

For a number of years

Of the dire consequences of the collapse

Of the insect world

Especially the humble bee

That played such a vital role

In keeping many plants alive

The bees were eaten by birds

And the birds were eaten

By other animals

Without the work of the humble bee

Commercial agriculture collapsed

Causing widespread famine

Across the world

Scientists rushed to the rescue

Deploying robot bees

An GMO bees

But to no avail

The fix was in

And humanity’s goose

Was cooked so to speak

And with the collapse of agriculture

Came the collapse of urban civilization

And the end of urban civilization

Led to billions of people

Facing starvation in the ruined cities

Some rich people bounded together

And build vast underground cities

Where they continued the experiment

Of robot bees and GMO bees

But nothing worked

And humanity’s long descend

Towards extinction began

It all happened within a few years

One day everything was normal

Scandals, wars, threat of wars

Economic turmoil

Endless infotainment news

Three years latter

50 million rich people

Were living in caves

Along with 150 million slaves

The end of humanity

Caused the rests of the world

To gradually recover

The bees were never consulted

They had no role to play

Just the humble workers

Who had fed the world

But they were no more

Plants evolved

Other ways to survive

And the world went on

Without the human overlords

Who remained huddled in their caves

Dreaming of one day

Returning to reclaim the world

Just as the bible proclaimed

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