By John Anthony Fingleton


The fiesta went on all night,
Finally finishing at 5 AM,
When the streets were handed back to the dogs.
Not sure if their barking
Was a protest of missing all that polka mixed with Rap?
Or they were only dogs –just being dogs.

Myself I missed the pyrotechnics,
Well the first two hours or so,
After that it became monotonous repeat,
Not sure if the neighbours were invited?
Or they were tucked up in their cuarto de dormer,
With their heads under pillows and cotton wool in their ears.

They took the statue of the Virgin down,
And brought her back indoors,
I thought I saw a look of relief on her face,
I felt it was not her kind of music scene,
And I’ve seen her a lot more satisfied,
On the altar of Caacupé at an outdoor Mass, in the pouring rain.

©John Anthony Fingleton (2019) (Löst Viking)

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