I walked backwards on another man’s footprints on the beach
just before the sea swept them away.
I thought I could have his past
instead of mine
he was welcome to mine.
I didn’t want it
but really I knew I could never lose it
that albatross
that clung around my neck pecking at me
as I walked through the future.
Just like  writing you know it has to be this way
you can even write your own future
but still the past remains
There is a ten foot snowman outside
and the kids scream as if they have never seen snow before
I lay in bed writing this
for who
I really have no idea.
Still it comes down
blankets of it
and I have no idea why I am still here
I hear sleds
more screaming
I know I will die soon
the kids don’t know or care
but why would they.
the sky is brilliant white and the trees shake just a small bit.
They know about me
and I know about them.
There is always solace in the end of things
sometimes it leads to a beginning but not here
the beginnings have ended
god bless you children you have your whole lives to come

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