“Snowflake Falls”

By Andrew Scott   Another snowflake falls on my face. The weather has changed fast again. Seems like yesterday that the leaves were changing. Barely ready for this though the old bones warned me that the season's change was coming soon. Keeping the body warm walking during the day. Thankfully the boots are not too … Continue reading “Snowflake Falls”

“Walking Home”

By Andrew Scott Sorry Momma, this may be the last time you hear from me. Something happened while walking home that I cannot change, even if I tried. I was strolling around just as the sun was going down through one of the parts of town you always told us to stay away from but … Continue reading “Walking Home”

“Roof Shingles Falling for Each Other”

By Ryan Quinn Flanagan A hand in the land, who needs a trowel? Dirt under the nails. Wires of robot circumcision snipped. Grass clippings over naked legs. Lyme disease ticks by the hedge line. A hand on the hip for balance. Roof shingles falling for each other. Perhaps some lemonade. Ice in a rattling sweaty … Continue reading “Roof Shingles Falling for Each Other”