I see shadows 

come into


between light 

and darkness.


They box each

other for

the right to

fill in spaces

and places.


I doubt they

feel any

pain and I’m 

certain they

do not bleed.




I read the stars for a change.

Night is the page I turn.

I turn to sleep to dream and

for six to eight hours I’m dead.

I ponder my wordless soul

that flies free in silence.

I leave the books at home.

I stare away from works of art.

I try to learn my lessons

from the emerging stars.

I welcome night and erase

the day from my bucket list.



The tranquility of night

is an idea I cannot recall.

The anxiety of the mind

is filled with voices

with incessant noise.

In darkness I find no peace.

The rustling leaves become

evil figures.

Their shadow steps make night an

unsettling place in an anxious mind.

If calmness comes to this mind,

to this night, I might have peaceful


If calmness comes to this mind,

to my dreams, the nightmares may

slow down.

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