By Thomas Page

Have you ever been to the museum and covered your eye

To see the painting defy the laws of physics

From yards away in a gallery?


Eyes have not seen

Ear has not heard


Can I ever trust my senses to make sense of what I sense?

Does it even matter that I cannot know

The solution to Descartes’ quandary?

I often was skirting with sleep in philosophy class

Because this question

Like a whirlpool

Numbs those ensnared in the twister.

And I had to reproduce the answer to a dilemma’d question

That I know in my heart I did know

But not in the way the professor wanted.




I still don’t have a good idea of what it all means.

But does that even matter to the chin-scratching philosophers

Sitting in an office

Facing away from the window?

Take and read.


Take and read

But open the window 

And take in the air 


One thought on “Alphabets: Gamma

  1. Mesmerising. Especially so touched by the Descartes reference. Can be interpreted in so many ways. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more.
    Regards n best wishes as always
    Sincerely n respectfully


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