By Thomas Page

Rivers flow into the bays into the oceans into the sky.


I think about this as I watch the light on Riggs turn red for the umpteenth time

And my chances of being at work on time dwindle

Like the rain into a rainbow.

I’ve learned to accept this fact.

Some of the lessons I have learned is that any street named after a state is guaranteed to be gridlocked.

South Dakota


North Dakota



All terrors verdant to the idler stuck with the snow swirling around them.

L’Efant in our nation’s infancy

Designed a system of rivers to flow the dreams of Columbia

Along the diamon’d swamps called Potomac

To protect the capitol


The British came to bring the White House

Some two centuries ago

And found it easily

To burn it down with English energy

And spite for its former ward.


Now that road is a major branch of the river

Which I have often looked at

While idling in traffic

With the legions of tourists hoping to see America condensed around a pond

Beleaguered by the branches of a river flowing into the ocean into the sky.

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