By Nardine Sanderson

Be not afraid ( for I am the darkness ) the black sheet upon nightfall that wrap’s around your soul

Take rest within my care
painting your heart with stars of shining light

Capturing those dreams vulnerable in flight

placing kisses upon those eyes closed tight

No weep nor fear
I am the darkness ( I am here ) the gentle night

No mares’ run free within my sight

Travel now to the land of sleep

beyond the sorrow’s for angels weep

No safer secret has daylight Kept

The frightened hours those angels wept

before the gentle night

once becoming accustom
To the dying of the light

One thought on ““dying of the light.”

  1. So moved by the imagery “painting your heart with stars”. So beautifully crafted. Even in the darkness, it is a solace.
    Thank you very much indeed for your kind sharing. Happy Easter Greetings!
    Regards n best wishes,


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