By Thomas Page


Decide an idea for a poem.

This usually happens when you’re the least able to write it down.


Consider the consequences of trying to commit an idea good enough for a poem onto paper.


Throw it away with the same enthusiasm as an empty bag of cheese puffs.


Take it out of the trash and try to write the first line.

Realize that you do not write as well as you thought.


Trash it again

With gusto this time.



Take it out of the trash, yet again, with realized purpose.

Look at it like you’re a 49er with Californian gold

Try writing the second line.


Read it over to yourself.

Decide that Shakespeare or Whitman will appear from the ether to take your pen away

And outcast you a St. Elba ending a line with “the.”


Throw your entire notebook or computer onto a soft surface like a sofa.

Cover yourself with a blanket and look at your phone for 45 minutes.


Pick up your draft and decide that it doesn’t matter you end at least two lines with “the.”


Write a third line. Look at it with less disgust as you did lines one and two.


Repeat steps 1-10.


Give your poem a cute little name that only is funny to you.

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