By Andrew Scott


Another snowflake falls on my face.

The weather has changed fast again.

Seems like yesterday that the leaves were changing.

Barely ready for this though the old bones warned me

that the season’s change was coming soon.

Keeping the body warm walking during the day.

Thankfully the boots are not too worn out.

Hand-me-downs from a hidden friend.

Same with my toque and coat.

I will never know who gave them.

Our neighbour from the community kitchen

brought them to our tents.

there are at least seven tents

lined in the semi-alley at all times.

Many others appear and disappear.

Those ones are not from here, travelers.

We are the ones here day-in, day-out.

Trying to winterize our little tents

with blankets found around the city.

A few here will take just to stay warm.

I Always think i will get caught

so I stay out collecting monies

to get cheap ones that barely cover me.

Getting spare change is hard.

Most times people walk by

with their heads turned the over way.

Believe most think I am drunk or stoned

and that is why I am living here.

I am not either, quite functional actually

except for the foreign voices I hear

that no one else does.

Jobs have been taken away

when I scream back at them.

Tonight they say it is getting colder.

I will never get used to it.

Trying to stay warm in this little tent,

worrying if we all will survive

when the snowflakes falls.

November 17, 2018

© Andrew Scott – Just A Maritime Boy 2018

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