By Andrew Scott

This quiet little town

has become the center of upheaval

and confusion as of late.

It was so quiet when I got here.

People were so neighbourly,

waving to you as a complete stranger.

Now everyone has suspicious eyes

as you hear the click of a door lock.

It started a few months back

during the winter thaw

when Adam was found,

frozen in the wooden border

so close to his home,

His eyes were frozen open they say.

The bruised marks on his neck

told the rest of the story.

Found by a beaten path

to the neighbour’s home.

The path used  for visits

no one was to know about

including the husband

or Adam’s wife.

The community was at a loss

when Stephen was found on his porch,

throat open with just one strike.

The discovery was grotesque, so much blood

splashed all over his leisurely swing.

While people took in the horror

of one of their own meeting a violent end

not many saw the youth of today

walking up Stephen’s outside steps

to buy the day’s coloured pills.

Finding Esther off the wooden path

sent waves of fright through the town.

Not even the walking trails in the open

were safe for the citizens

as find Esther has proven.

Never spoken of are the lined pockets

of money that were with the body.

Bills from places of business

that were struggling to keep the lights on.

How do I know all of this you ask?

I may have been the dark figure

walking unnoticed in the shadow of the night,

making visits in the Murder Town.

August 8, 2018

© Andrew Scott – Just A Maritime Boy 2018

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