By Andrew Scott

May have cried a bit this morning,

wet eyes, a reminder to embrace the day.

It could be gone before tomorrow.

We have the chance to effect and change

the outlook of ours and others

through a positive touch and smile.

Breath in the fresh, crisp air

and appreciate that it is air.

Try to find your voice

to be who you want to be,

whether it is different or the same.

Know you are touching others

in your journey in this path

as you dance free.

Embrace the day.

September  1, 2018

© Andrew Scott – Just A Maritime Boy 2018

One thought on ““Embrace the Day”

  1. This is so remarkable. I had a tendency to use “Seize the Day”. After reading the poem I shall use “Embrace the day”. What a beautiful, creative and aesthetic poem. Thank you very much indeed for your kind sharing.
    Best regards


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