By Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein


Once the Sky told me to paint your eyes with his limitless/infinite shades,

The Ocean overheard,

He said, how can it be? how can it be?

When He has boundless blues.

Tell me dear, whom shall I please?

When I was wondering, in what new name shall I call you?

Then the peeping Stars smiled and told me to call you now in their countless names

And twinkled.

And then the Timeless Poems heard,

They chanted, how can it be? how can it be?

When they have innumerable names to call you upon.

Tell me dear, tell me, to whom shall I delight?

When I could not decide to where I wanted to keep you,

And the Mind said to keep you now deep inside the Mind.

Then the Love came and whispered how can it be?

When the Love has such desirous longings to hold/embrace you.

Tell me, tell me dear, whom shall I listen to?

I am mystified euphorically.

Both the Sky and the Ocean want to paint you with their colours,

The Stars and the Timeless Poems want to name you after them,

And the Mind and the Love want to possess you.

Whom shall I listen to?

What Shall I do my dear?

Where I am merely a woman, who simply just loves you,

Who just wants to portray you with the colours of her own,

Who just wants to name you in her own words,

Who just wants to partake you in her own ways,

And who only just wants to be with the man she loves, as along as life endures.


Note:The poem is written on the thought of a lover. The overwhelming imagination knows no bounds. In her imagination the poem begins with joy but ends with a touch of pain.


Thoughts on my poems:

What Shall I Do, My Dear? – The poem has a deeper meaning to me. The lover is blinded by love. But the blindness is beautiful imagination. She wants to compare and wants to think the aesthetic beauty of her lover. But at the end of the poem she wishes to have him with her own colors, not imagination. The love which has made her lover so supreme now that love making her feel that this supremacy won’t go with her. It may be her possessive nature or inferiority complex or simply a lover’s simple wish. I tried to give my readers the feeling is that the poem is open to interpretations.


Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein writes since her early years. Writing is her window to let out her inner most feelings. She completed her Masters in English & American Literature and now doing second Masters in Human Resources. She was a Head of Training in Human Resources. Now she is a Free-lance. She believes in love, peace, humanity and harmony. Being an aesthetic she sees & seeks beauty from the blade of grass to the twinkling stars. She loves recitation and breathes poetry. Her Poems were published in Our Poetry Archive anthology “Spiritual Poetry Beyond Borders”, The Pangolin Review, A Poem A Day @poetrypotion, Rose Quartz Magazine. Aestheticism is the essence of her existence. She lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


One thought on ““What Shall I Do, My Dear?”

  1. Thank you John, Jessica and Thomas for giving this poem a home of it’s home. I enjoy, like and read here poems regularly.
    I hope, I would be able to contribute more in future. Because the poems posted here are close to me and I can relate to them. I wish you lovely weekdays ahead filled with joy n poetic bliss.
    Best regards


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