By Dianne Moritz

Mosaic tiled bath,
Oak mantle carved
With twining vines,
The warm fire,
And my fear.  Always
My cloud of fear, dark
And full of doubting.
We wavered like children
Wading near ocean shores.
We shied from leases,
From license.
Who, I wonder
Who couples
Unafraid and unsure
In our fire lit room?
On a carpet, thick
And white, bodies
Slick with sweat,
Cum glistening
On their firm,
Tanned thighs,
Flushed in afterglow.
Dianne Moritz writes poetry and picture books for kids.  Her latest, HEY, LITTLE BEACHCOMBER, will be out in May, 2019.  Adult poems have appeared in Adelaide Literary Magazine, The Drabble, Haikuniverse, The Haiku Foundation, Better Than Starbucks, Failed Haiku, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, and others.

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