by Ya’Rose Sambou

The girl walks over and talked to turned backs

She talked and talked with no response

Until she turned her back, did they talk

They talked and talked but she didn’t understand 

While the girl in the front, watches 

The girl looks over and catches her eye

She walked and walked until she got to her

They look at each other with no words spoken

Until the girl turned and walked away

While the girl in the front, watches

The girl tries her best for interaction 

She tries her best for attention 

But they talk to her with only two questions 

“Where is…?” “How is…?”

She provides them with the answer and a smile

They walk away with nothing else to say

Without asking “How are you?”

The girl looks back over to the see girl in the front

She musters the courage and walks over

She confronts the girl in the front and ask for help

But the girl in the front says it’s not her fault

The girl looks at her, confused before they push her away

They all talk and talk and talk

The girl in the front responds with a smile

They talk and laugh without a problem 

While the girl in the back, watches


Ya’Rose Sambou is a student at Northwood High School

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