Sometimes life amazes you
flowers seem brighter
you hear special music
people dance in the streets
sun comes out dogs talk to you
people smile at you
 and you cant help but think
it wasn’t like this before life was showing you something else
a trick
an illusion
and now you know all you need is nothing
nothing at all
How I want to write beautiful poems that tell of great love
but I know I will never write those poems
they are for someone else to write
but I go on writing
and on and on
but when did I stop making people laugh
when did they become all about me
they did because like most things in life
if you are all you have
then you are your only words
Just to do it one more time
that would be enough
just the once
no more no less
I doubt it will ever happen
but it is always hope that keeps us going
the feeling that almost anything is possible
especially if you believe in it enough
write about it enough
look up and shout at the skies
yell at the lighting and thunder
he is alive
alive I say.
So you never know
just one more time
Outside the hotel
a minibus passed
inside people were singing and laughing and jumping around
then I noticed they were all nuns
They looked the happiest people I had ever seen
For a second I desperately wanted to be in there
going wherever they were going
but as It drove off
I knew I could never be that happy

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