Alphabets: Lambda

By Thomas Page If I were to ask you who I was, what you say? Not in some philosophical sense Where I am condensed like soup in my forms Or torn asunder by Scottish logic But in a “it’s blah guy” sense of the word. I don’t think anyone knows who they are truly But … Continue reading Alphabets: Lambda

Poems by Joe Welch

Dream Baby Dream lightly, then glide Wakefully through a loose-lipped life Bang each drum brought your way Apologize where necessary When tossed a ball, toss it back When planted in the ground, be sure to multiply Given twenty, save ten, spend Ten, make up ten, and dedicate ten Dream lightly, but carry a big lipstick … Continue reading Poems by Joe Welch

Poems by Alan Parry

Office Job dying of life – wasted while Americana – tinny/quiet – plays in the background   and the walls encroach and the windows shake   Children the sister is sitting cross-legged on her bedroom floor in torn jeans – surrounded by                   shadows/glossy magazines/scissors/tape/scrapbooks making kings and queens – fawning over idols the older brother … Continue reading Poems by Alan Parry